Biggest Indoor Matrix Frame ever installed in the Nascar Hall of Fame

USA Matrix Dealer, Thomas Sign Creations, recently installed the largest indoor Matrix Frame ever in the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Matrix Frame has a width of 120 meters and a height of more than 9 meters at its highest point and tapers down to approximately 1 meter at its shortest point. The Matrix Frame is located above the banked NASCAR race track inside the Hall. The oval wall  leans out ten degrees, and to make matters even more interesting, the wall contains a Jumbotron, several flagpoles, speakers and electrical outlets, which had to be worked around. Quite a challenge! The image was printed on acoustic fabric to ensure that the NRC (Noise Reduction Code) requirements were achieved. More than 400 meters of Matrix Frame, 200 kilograms of textile, rolls and rolls of silicone rubber and many workhours made this a very unique project with a satisfied customer.

Made by Thomas Sign Creations, North Carolina, USA.


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